Friday, January 2, 2015

Something Good

It all started with this quote.

Quite some time ago I found myself in a foul mood and in a checkout line that was glacial and inhospitable. As I got closer to the front of the line, it was clear that the cashier was a cheery sort.

"Have a good day!" she wished me. I immediately resented her for it.

I was not having a good day. Everything and anything that could go wrong was going wrong. And the fact that someone could intrude on my self-imposed woe-is-me cloud made me angry.

And then I saw this quote. I took a deep breath and realized that even in the not-so-cheery moments there was always something good. That is when I started signing all my email with this message. And wishing everyone 'Enjoy the day,' which is much different than 'Have a good day.' For even in the darkest moments there is a 'something good,' and all you need to do is open your heart to receive them.

I started by seeking those moments. At first it was a challenge. I couldn't find anything good. But over time the act of seeking those 'something good' moments didn't take that long. And more often than not, they came finding me.

This blog was born of that focus, a way to document the 'something good' moments in the every day. And after an impromptu conversation with my best friend Heather Powers, we decided that we wanted to find a way to cultivate gratitude. We discussed keeping a journal, but really liked the idea of a collaborative effort. So I suggested we put it out there in this blog.

We are on a quest to plant the seeds of gratitude, to harvest thankfulness. We would love for you to join us by adding your 'something good' to the comments.


Today I am grateful for my good friend, who is joining me on the journey.

My 'something good' today is that after an extra 4 weeks (for a total of 10 weeks - yikes!) because I had to reschedule my appointment I am getting my hair cut and colored. Time for a new me for the new year!

What is your 'something good' today?

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  1. I'm certainly thankful for your frienship - there has been many times over the years that your kindness has been my something good during a tough day!


I truly believe that by focusing on find your 'something good' every day that those something goods will find you more easily. I would love to hear what your 'something good' is today... do tell!